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January 6, 2023
Artist: The Groundbreaking Girls Series

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Allison Adams

Artist Statement: This project began simply as a search for inspiration. I was recently widowed, and as I began to focus on the next chapter of my life as a single parent, I found strength and empowerment in the stories of trailblazing women through history. I began to paint portraits of these women, hoping to bring some vibrancy and modernity to the old black and white photographs I’d found. Many of these are women I admired from an early age, many of them were new to me. Through my work, I hope to capture something of the spirits of these women who would certainly be cheering us on today. As we listen to their voices and look into their eyes, we are reminded of our heritage as women and girls: passionate, courageous, determined, innovative, intelligent, creative, caring, fierce.


The Groundbreaking Girls paintings have been shown in numerous exhibits, including solo exhibitions at Chapman University and the Women's Museum of Art in southern California. In 2023, a group of these paintings will be displayed at Muckenthalar Cultural Center in Fullerton, CA.

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