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August 25, 2023

Mental Health Awareness and Trauma Recovery Including Multi-Generational Trauma and Genetic Anxiety with Allison Shaw

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Allison Shaw

Ally Shaw, Bio

Ally is a fierce survivor who has reinvented herself multiple times after devastating loss. Ally is a cancer survivor who became an opera singer. She is a divorced single mom of two who found the love of her life, married, and became a mom to a blended family of seven amazing children. Ally is an author, entrepreneur, core value ambassador, and a motivational speaker. Ally earned a bachelor's degree from Elon University and a master's degree from Loyola University New Orleans. Ally and her husband own a 17 store Domino's franchise in Virginia and West Virginia, are seven time Gold Franny winners (top 2% of Domino's franchisees world wide) and employ over 300 people. Ally and her husband, Kevin, are passionate about giving back to kids and families in need and have financially supported St. Jude Children's Hospital for decades. Additionally, their commitment to service and a Coats for Kids campaign awarded Kevin a Paul Harris Award in 2012.
Ally is a first-time author of the narrative non-fiction book "Chasing Tigers in the Dark, Life Lessons of a Fierce Survivor” and is represented by Library Tales Publishing in NYC. She launched a new career as a motivational speaker in 2016 and her proudest moment was presenting to an audience of 10,000 at a conference in Las Vegas. Ally's purpose is deeply rooted in the intersection of trauma recovery and mental health awareness and how each inform our personal development and professional success. Ally's brand is characterized by vulnerability, authenticity, and an abiding zeal for justice. Ally splits her time between Blacksburg, Virginia and Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Finally, Ally dedicates this talk and speaking tour to her father who recently passed away and who was a Rotary Club member.

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